Two trail runners heading into the Northern Presidential Range under a firey sunrise

The Mount Adams Challenge

The Challenge

Reach the summit of Mount Adams via the designated route in under 2h10.

The Point

Based on the Leukerbads 70 minute dash, the Mount Adams Challenge is an entirely informal event to be undertaken by individuals seeking a personal challenge. It is not a race. Do it in a low-key, fun way on a schedule that works for you.

The Reward

SAalt Pub will congratulate you with the beverage of your choice and a very cool certificate courtesy of Borealchick Designs. But before we can, you’ll need to contact us. See below for the full scoop!

The Rules

You are responsible for your own safety. You are on your own in the mountains. Act with common sense. If you are uncertain of your ability, physical condition, or the weather, do not attempt the Mount Adams Challenge.

Run with respect and good intention. Follow Leave No Trace's seven principles.

Be honest with yourself and others. No cheating!

If you are trying for a fastest-known time for the challenge, please share a GPS log with us.

Be grateful that we have the White Mountain National Forest, and wild areas like this in which to play. Support the Forest in their work, and if you feel so inclined, support hard-working local trail clubs. The trails on which you'll be running are maintained by the US Forest Service, Appalachia Mountain Club, and Randolph Mountain Club.

Have fun and be supportive of others who are trying the challenge.

Want your free stuff?

Send us a photo of you on the summit showing your elapsed time on your watch. We’ll list you in the results, and will send you a highly-coveted Mount Adams Challenge certificate.

To claim your free beer at SAALT Pub, you will need to present your finisher photo showing your time on the summit of Mount Adams. Just walking in to the pub and saying, “I did the Mount Adams Challenge” doesn’t cut it. Sorry!