The Challenge

Reach the summit of Mount Adams via the designated route in under 2h10.

The Point

Based on the Leukerbads 70 minute dash, the Mount Adams Challenge is an entirely informal event to be undertaken by individuals seeking a personal challenge. It is not a race. Do it in a low-key, fun way on a schedule that works for you.

The Reward

The White Mountain Café and SAalt Pub will congratulate you with the classic White Mountain Cafe latte drink of your choice, the beverage of your choice at SAalt Pub, a White Mountain Cafe sticker, and a very cool certificate courtesy of Borealchick Designs. But before we can, you’ll need to email us. See below for the full scoop!

7 Trails
5.6 Miles
4,493 Feet

The Route

The Mount Adams Challenge route follows seven trails:

  1. 1. Valley Way
    Route segment distance 0.9 miles Route segment grade 12% grade Route segment gain 594 feet

    Start with one hand on the kiosk at Appalachia. Set a stop watch to zero and start it running! Run up Valley Way to the junction with Brookside. Turn left on Brookside.

  2. 2. Brookside
    Route segment distance 1.7 miles Route segment grade 15% grade Route segment gain 1350 feet

    Run Brookside to Watson Path, turn right on Watson Path and run Watson Path for 0.1 to Valley Way. Watch for the turn off Brookside to Watson Path very closely. It comes in at a shallow angle and is very easy to miss!

  3. 3. Watson
    Route segment distance 0.3 miles Route segment grade 0% grade Route segment gain minus 75 feet

    Now continue on Watson Path for another 0.2mi, running the faint, short section of Watson Path to Scar Trail. Be careful to stay on the trail here. The tread way is faint for about 200 yards. Continue straight ahead until you reach Scar Trail.

  4. 4. Scar
    Route segment distance 0.7 miles Route segment grade 14% grade Route segment gain 525 feet

    Run Scar Trail to Air Line, turn left on Air Line.

  5. 5. Airline
    Route segment distance 1.2 miles Route segment grade 23% grade Route segment gain 1425 feet

    Run Air Line to Gulfside. Turn right onto Gulfside.

  6. 6. Gulfside
    Route segment distance 0.6 miles Route segment grade 12% grade Route segment gain 365 feet

    Run Gulfside to Thunderstorm Junction. Turn left onto Lowe's Path.

  7. 7. Lowe's Path
    Route segment distance 0.2 miles Route segment grade 29% grade Route segment gain 309 feet

    Run Lowe's Path to the summit of Adams. Touch the sign. Turn off your stop watch. Snap a photo with the time on your watch showing, and the Mount Adams summit sign.

The Rules

You are responsible for your own safety. You are on your own in the mountains. Act with common sense. If you are uncertain of your ability, physical condition, or the weather, do not attempt the Mount Adams Challenge.

Run with respect and good intention. Follow Leave No Trace's seven principles.

Be honest with yourself and others. No cheating!

If you are trying for a fastest-known time for the challenge, please share a GPS log with us.

Be grateful that we have the White Mountain National Forest, and wild areas like this in which to play. Support the Forest in their work, and if you feel so inclined, support hard-working local trail clubs. The trails on which you'll be running are maintained by the US Forest Service, Appalachia Mountain Club, and Randolph Mountain Club.

Have fun and be supportive of others who are trying the challenge.

Questions? Contact us at

Want your free stuff?Email us a photo of you on the summit showing your time on a watch. We’ll list you in the results, and then will share your name with the White Mountain Cafe and Salt Pub. Note: Just walking in to the cafe or pub and saying, “I did the Mount Adams Challenge” doesn’t cut it. Sorry!

The Results

Date Name Time
Sep 14 Scott Gordon 2:02:48
Aug 2 Aaron Monier 2:04:30
Jul 22 Brian Fitzgerald 1:56:38
Jun 29 Eli Burakian 1:57:00
Jun 12 Ari Ofsevit 2:00:37
Date Name Time
Sep 27 Rowan Kamman 1:46:14
Aug 31 Brian Fitzgerald 1:50:49
Aug 25 Christopher Lawrie 1:48:48
Aug 25 Ashley Pullen 2:05:11
Aug 7 Leslie O'Dell 1:46:17
Aug 6 Leich Alex 1:28:10
Jul 31 Rob Gallagher 1:42:43
Jul 29 Ryan Gibbs 1:28:12
Jul 21 Scott Gordon 1:52:54
Jul 1 Eddie Eseppi 2:05:43
Jun 30 Brian Lane 1:51:07
Jun 22 Isabella Franz 1:57:51
Jun 22 Nora Weathers 1:57:24
Jun 22 Christopher Watson 1:57:48
Jun 9 Doug Mayer 2:01:58
Jun 9 Todd Nappi 2:13:31
Date Name Time
Oct 19 Rémi Boucher 1:57:51
Oct 19 Melina Dubois-Verret 1:57:51
Oct 19 Camille-Antoine Ouimet 1:57:51
Oct 14 Ari Ofsevit 2:04:24
Sep 30 Rob Gallagher 1:59:16
Sep 30 Brian Quigley 1:49:43
Sep 23 Rowan Kamman 1:25:47
Sep 23 Dave Zimmerman 2:00:33
Sep 10 Ben Leoni 1:46:25
Sep 2 Brent Trail 1:23:43
Aug 26 Brooks Walsh 2:11:41
Jul 5 Scott Gordon 2:04:24
Jul 3 Brian Fitzgerald 2:04:36
Date Name Time
Sep 27 Jeff Colt 1:20:37
Sep 9 Brent Trail 1:24:33
Aug 23 Ryman McLane 1:49:19
Aug 20 Kyle Legg 1:58:00
Aug 16 Spencer Eusden 1:29:27
Aug 9 John Paul Krol 1:29:22
Aug 6 Ryan Welts 1:58:00
Aug 6 Tony Bargado 1:58:30
Jul 30 Cathleen Balantic 2:00:37
Jul 28 Aaron Monier 1:52:33
Jul 17 Caitlyn Germain 1:59:41
Jul 17 Matthew Germain 1:59:41
Jul 14 Jeremy Ward 2:00:55
Jul 14 Alton Eckel 2:00:55
Jun 30 Leslie O'Dell 1:55:19
Jun 30 Scott Gordon 1:55:37
Jun 25 Jeff Lane 1:57:19
Jun 19 David Sandham 1:54:11
Jun 19 David Loutzenheiser 1:54:11
Jun 11 Ticia Blanck 2:08:18
Jun 4 Rowan Kamman 1:35:24
Date Name Time
Oct 24 Michael King 1:51:00
Sep 27 Ben Taylor 1:47:16
Sep 26 Katie Damby 1:55:46
Sep 20 Jeff Colt 1:34:30
Sep 12 Pierre Beaudoin 1:58:51
Sep 6 Mike Arsenault 1:58:34
Sep 6 Tobey Reynolds 1:58:34
Sep 5 Johannes Griesshammer 2:08:30
Aug 29 Doug Lewis 1:43:00
Aug 29 Pete Brockett 2:07:00
Aug 29 Laura Brockett 2:08:00
Jul 5 Rob Rives 1:31:56
Jun 27 Mike Pelchat 1:43:28
Jun 24 Dave Kruschwitz 2:07:32
Jun 15 Scott Gordon 1:59:05
Jun 13 Myles Chouinard 2:08:00
Jun 6 Jerimy Arnold 1:35:08
Jun 4 Andy Kernytsky 2:02:00
Jun 4 Jeff Hixon 2:02:00
Jun 4 Kevin Marks 2:02:00
Date Name Time
Oct 6 Doug Mayer 1:45:58
Aug 29 Charlie Gunn 1:47:04
Aug 24 Jim Maddock 1:29:14
Jul 22 Leah Hart 1:44:58
Jul 19 Jordan Cargill 1:27:42
Jul 14 Scott Gordon 2:05:22
Jul 8 Lincoln Benedict 1:49:00
Jul 8 Jess Marion 1:46:00
Jul 6 Ari Ofsevit 1:49:06
Jun 10 Odd Bersvendsen 1:48:37